Barry Howard: Contact details

Contact me on 07919 282656

I drive (a lot), I plan, I'm in a lot of meetings, I research, my days start at 4.50am and I'm in the workshop at 6am each morning, I write, I liaise, and bear in mind that I also spend a subtantial part of most days instructing..... thus if I don't answer the phone first time - or the conversation is quite short - it's nothing personal - it maybe because I'm busy.....half way up a mountain, just about to talk to a group of clients - or driving - or quizzing some character as to why he's not used the rope correctly on his free abseil! Safety first but.....

I value your communication ! so don't give up trying to reach me.....phoning most evenings is not a problem.

Email me at  

(Right: BJH leading a Navigation Masterclass)

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